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Chaiman of the Board

Excellent Chef’s and board members

Welcome to our group named APCSI. This group was been formed and made by many Professional Chefs around the world. We are here to served you, educate you, help you, coaching you, empowering the needs of new aspiring Chef’s and other food service worker. We are giving you guidelines  on how to apply and get a job, how to win and pass interview, give you motivation on your difficulties inside the kitchen, advice on how to work with multi racial crew. Welcome to APCSI .

To all my students in College, colleagues, cooks and Chef’s who worked with me before, this is the beginning of all what we are looking for. An organization who will take good care the welfares of the people working in the food industry. lets build reputation and have more members to have a voice in lower house of the congress.

Mabuhay tayong mg Kusinero at Kusinerang Pinoy.

Our government, tourism industry, POEA, used us with limitation in our services. Lets breaks the boundaries.

Chairman Vil Purificacion

Our Projects and gallery

Feeding program

Successful feeding program in Sitio Ilugin , Pinagbuhatan , Pasig City with our own Association of Phil. Chef Society Incorporated with coordination of Pasig City Councilor Jun Concepcion .
Thank you also to the participation’s of Chef Zhe Jacinto and the group and KKW team headed by Chef Shefu Joebert Canedo .

First Meet and Greet